Summer make-up trends: Sun-kissed cheeks and shiny skin are worn


We will wear a fresh face and subtle glittering make-up this summer. Make sure that your skin is hydrated under the make-up so that it will 'sit' well on the skin

The rested, fresh and shiny skin, sun-kissed cheeks and lack of dark circles that we see in the mirror during the annual vacation are the reflection we long for all year round. This season, this "look" is in trend, although it is naturally difficult to achieve it during the busy work week. In addition, pink cheeks from the sun should be avoided in a wide arc due to harmful UV radiation, but they are very easy to achieve with a few strokes of the brush.

Prepare the skin with a cream and a protective factor that reacts well under make-up. Make sure that your skin is hydrated under the make-up so that it will "sit" well on the skin and will not enter the pores or flake off. On a good foundation, then add bronzer, blush and subtle eyeshadow.

Depending on the shape of the face , you can apply the blush above the cheekbones and on the nose. Choose the ideal shade for your complexion, but aim for a fresh look, which you can achieve with light pink shades. If you want to look sun-kissed, apply a light bronzer above the blush and spread it with a brush to the edge of the hair so that the color blends with your complexion. You can achieve the shiny appearance of the skin popularly known as "dewy skin" with the listed products in liquid or stick form. If you still have a face that quickly "shines" and dry products suit you, then you can achieve shine with a shimmering highlighter.

With the same product, it is easy to achieve the trend of "pearl skin", pearl shades, which you can apply on the top of the cheekbones, nose or in a very small amount over the entire face. Do not overdo it with colors, because minimalism is in trend, so aim for naturalness. In addition to a fresh face, lip glosses in brown and pink shades, as well as a combination of lip pencil and transparent gloss, are also a hit. Bright lips, such as red or bold burgundy, go well with this unobtrusive make-up. Apply a light layer of colored or neutral metallic eye shadows on the eyelids, depending on the "look" you want to achieve. Natural curled eyelashes with mascara are always desirable, and we have left the oversized artificial ones in some past trends, so avoid them. Neat and combed eyebrows are the most desirable, and if necessary fill them in slightly, avoiding sharp edges.

Velvet Touch blush stick 11.99 euros

Charlotte Tilburry liquid contour €40

MAC lipstick in the shade Diva, 23.70 euros

Maybelline Lifter Gloss, lip gloss 8.60 euros

Lip pencil Rimmel in the shade Cappuccino, 4.39 euros

The Balm Dew Mnizer, liquid highlighter, 14.50 euros

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