Permanent make-up from evening to morning: 4 essential tricks for make-up that will not run off your face

Permanent make-up from evening to morning: 4 essential tricks for make-up that will not run off your face

Although the air temperatures are not high, the fact that several hours of make-up on the face has certain disadvantages, i.e. it can happen to us that after some time it seems to "disappear"

In order for the make-up to remain stable during several hours of going out, there are tricks and tips that should be taken into account. Namely, they are not complicated, and there is one product that will fix even the oiliest face.

Before applying makeup, it is important to prepare the skin well. Such will better receive make-up textures, no matter in which variant they are, so it will not melt quickly.

Clean it well and apply a moisturizing cream , and if the face is very dry, apply the serum first. Oily skin will benefit from a mattifying cream, in order to reduce the possibility of shine.

Primer I spas

Primer is an important step in the world of permanent makeup, and you can also use it otherwise. However, during the evenings and long party days, it becomes indispensable.

It gives the impression that we have a filter on our face, it works precisely for a specific texture that smoothes and goes before powder. It is usually transparent and is followed by classic make-up. If you use it during the day and you like the look of 'blurred' skin, you don't need a powder, but possibly a concealer for certain spots, blemishes and irregularities.

Waterproof makeup

If you expect it to be hot, waterproof makeup products are a great idea. Waterproof mascaras, eyeliners and lipsticks last longer and don't smudge easily.

It is also recommended to use liquid powder that says it is long-lasting, these are special formulas that are thicker and adhere better to the skin. However, this make-up must be removed in the evening, it is heavier than usual. Precisely because it is - persistent.

Spray fixative

After applying makeup, apply a fixing spray to the entire face.

These are special formulas enriched here and there with hyaluronic and similar molecules from the anti-aging sphere. Although at first it seems as if it will wet the face, it is absorbed into the skin and makes it softer, and the make-up is still in place.

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