WGSN colour trends 2023 predict reassuring blues and planet-friendly pigments / Ingredients targets APAC’s ‘lagging’ clean beauty market / Personalised fragrance brand Maison 21G targets China expansion in 2022 + more!


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News & Analysis on Cosmetics Formulation & Packaging in Europe08-Jul-2021
Elementis introduces BENTONE<sup>®</sup> LUXE XO
Elementis introduces BENTONE® LUXE XO
When formulating for new-normal skin care routines, BENTONE® LUXE XO provides formulation flexibility by stabilizing low to extremely high oil loads in water in oil systems. Try Bentone® LUXE XO to create unique and luxurious feel products for stressed skin... click here
'Reassuring blues' and 'planet-friendly pigments': A peak inside WGSN's post-pandemic 2023 colour trends report
The post-COVID new normal taking shape before our eyes is drastically altering consumer sentiment and behaviour in enigmatic ways, but the primal need for healing and renewal will drive cosmetic beauty colour selection in the approaching years, according to a new report from WGSN.... Read more
Finer details: US brand Ingredients targets APAC's 'lagging' clean beauty market with 'transparent' approach
The US duo who sold a premium men's grooming brand to Procter & Gamble are now targeting APAC markets with its latest venture – transparency focused skin care brand called Ingredients.... Read more
Consumer are looking for preferred skin care ingredients to become part of their hair care routine
Trusted, science-backed skin care ingredients are answering demand from consumers for proven, planet-friendly solutions that nurture and protect the hair and scalp.... Read more
Full speed ahead: Bespoke perfume house Maison 21G accelerates global expansion, targets China in 2022
Singapore-headquartered luxury fragrance house Maison 21G is rapidly expanding its international footprint in markets in Asia and the Middle East, and has its sights set on entering China in 2022.... Read more
'Start with the dream and build backwards': Beauty must tackle sustainability challenges post-COVID
As COVID and climate crisis-shaken consumers demand more from beauty, experts believe there remain hurdles in packaging, brand communication and supply chain logistics before industry reaches the zero-waste dream.... Read more
Biocogent teams with Felix Biotechnology on targeted antimicrobial tech
Late last month the skin care ingredient maker and biotech engineering company announced their new research collaboration: an effort to develop novel actives for the microbiome beauty movement.... Read more
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Long-lasting color for a more vibrant you
Long-lasting color for a more vibrant you
Lubrizol Life Science's Chromapol™ ColorPOP polymer delivers long-lasting color protection on all hair shades, keeping the true color with a vibrant tonality and intensity while providing conditioning and smoothness benefits to the fiber... click here
L'Oréal to launch 'infinitely recyclable' Biotherm bottle in 2025
International beauty major L'Oréal has co-developed a plastic cosmetics bottle with French biotech specialist Carbios, made using fully recycled PET via an enzymatic recycling technology that also makes it infinitely recyclable.... Read more
Essential oils offer potential for active scalp care: Review
Use of essential oils in hair treatments targeting scalp dysfunctions offer promise, though more research is necessary to be certain of their specific active properties, finds a review.... Read more
Transcending skin ethics with a new broad-spectrum ethos
With consumers becoming increasingly aware of issues surrounding sustainability, a far-reaching initiative is indispensable. Ethicskin™ arises from the need to broaden the limits of sustainability and ethics in the beauty sector, where biodiversity and environmental conservation go hand in hand with social and economic growth....
Immunity and Beauty
Health and beauty have long worked hand-in-hand, but as COVID-19 continues to create seismic shifts in consumer needs and expectations, the demand for personal care items – topical and ingestible – that de-stress, soothe and protect as part of wider holistic wellbeing is surging. And...
Reduce your repacking needs to boost sustainability and competitiveness
Changing consumer preferences, growing product customization needs as well as sustainability necessity increase the pressure at manufacturing and supply chain levels for brand owners who are looking to manage these additional SKUs while still producing their mass-market products.
Circular beauty - Sustainable sourcing | Green chemistry | Eco-design
What used to be simply 'sustainable' has now shifted to circular. This focus on circularity is forcing every stakeholder in beauty to collaborate, innovate and push the limits on better sourcing, greener chemistry, smarter packaging and savvy retail models. Manufacturers are being encouraged to think...
The Emergence of Inner & Outer Beauty: A Crossover Category of Nutritional Supplements and Topical Beauty Products
As part of this more holistic view of health and beauty, consumers' views on beauty have been evolving beyond the typical skin care and make-up regimens, especially over the past year. Consumers are turning to hygienic topical beauty products in a time of uncertainty, while...
Responsible Makeup with Naturally-Derived Film Former Baycusan® eco E 1001
Join us and discover the new film forming polymer Baycusan® eco E 1001! This naturally-derived ingredient according to ISO 16128 will support you with your next generation of clean & high-performing makeup.
Elkimia Inc. accepts Government of Canada funding to expand
The sun care ingredient company is based in the National Research Council facility in Montreal, Québec. And thanks to the government's economic recovery efforts, Elkimia is buying new equipment and developing more sun care actives.... Read more
Hot topics: Top 5 beauty and cosmetics stories trending on our socials right now
In our round-up of the top five stories trending on our socials, we highlight L'Oréal's ambitions for Hainan Island, an Aussie sun care brand for tweens and teens, an Aboriginal-owned personal care firm and more.... Read more
POLA arrives in Hainan: Luxury skin care brand set to rapidly expand its duty-free footprint following launch
Pola Orbis Holdings is aiming to capitalise on the growing popularity of the POLA brand in China by launching up to five additional doors on Hainan Island this year.... Read more
Piyush Jain joins personal care company Hand in Hand as CEO
Following a recent growth investment from the impact-investing strategy division of Bain Capital, the personal care product company announced changes in leadership, including the hire of former Unilever executive Piyush Jain.... Read more
Sephora-Zalando partnership 'may inspire' more beauty-fashion tie-ups
Indian Sandalwood Oil superior to vit E in anti-ageing effects on skin, study finds
'Drive for success': British luxury brand ELEMIS bets on omnichannel strategy to secure bright future in APAC
EC official: Innovation for Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability to receive Horizon funding
AI-powered fragrances: Firmenich launches Scentmate platform to spur Indie innovation
who crushes preservative challenges with the power of raspberry?
Seeing is believing
Pycnogenol® Retains Skin Moisture and Elasticity and Reinforces Skin Barrier Function
Lumson introduces TAL: the first aluminum airless
FucoLife GR®: to improve self-esteem & reveal feminity!
Sensiva® SC 50 – THE Personal Care multifunctional turns 30
Sequoia cells to limit male skin ageing
Pycnogenol® Offers Dual Mode of Action for Skin
Are you looking for a vegan alternative to animal-based collagen in skincare products?
The Microbiome in the Personal Care Industry
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