Immunity and beauty needs science, ingredient innovation / Sustainable cosmetics training platform Re-Sources targets marketers / British Beauty Council CEO talks plastic waste problem / Kao Corp invests in digital as cosmetics sales slump


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News & Analysis on Cosmetics Formulation & Packaging in Europe15-Jul-2021
SymRenew™ HPR: the next generation of retinol!
SymRenew™ HPR: the next generation of retinol!
This powerful retinol derivative confers the same benefits as retinol without the negative side effects! Safe, non-irritating & stabilized, this patented ingredient eases formulation work while visibly improving overall skin texture appearance... click here
Immunity & beauty has a 'very promising future' but less claims, more science needed – experts
Manufacturers should pull back on making strong claims and focus more on consumer education, holistic health and wellness concepts and ingredient innovation when addressing immunity in the beauty and personal care space, say experts.... Read more
Sustainable cosmetics: 'Marketing is as misinformed as consumers sometimes', says Re-Sources founder
Online sustainable cosmetics educational platform Re-Sources wants to close the knowledge gap between beauty formulators, packaging technologists and marketing to streamline green product development.... Read more
British Beauty Council CEO: Industry must 'take responsibility' in 'enormous' plastics challenge
The beauty industry needs to shun consumerism, stop confusing consumers and invest in infrastructure, packaging technology and manufacturing if it is to begin to address the enormous plastic challenge, says the CEO of the British Beauty Council.... Read more
Digital transformation: Kao Corp pumps $136m into digital as it seeks to offset cosmetics sales slump
Kao is investing $136m on its digital transformation to enhance the competitiveness of its cosmetics division, which has experienced a sales slump during the pandemic.... Read more
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FucoLife GR<sup>®</sup>: to improve self-esteem & reveal feminity!
FucoLife GR®: to improve self-esteem & reveal feminity!
Solabia launches new ingredient to restore skin comfort of menopausal skin thanks to glycobiology... click here
Routines and rituals: There's 'good opportunity' to connect beauty and immunity, says Mintel
There are plenty of opportunities to address immunity in the beauty and personal care space, particularly in developing active topicals, nutrient-dense ingestibles and combined kits that plug beauty routine needs and target holistic health, says Mintel.... Read more
Transcending skin ethics with a new broad-spectrum ethos
With consumers becoming increasingly aware of issues surrounding sustainability, a far-reaching initiative is indispensable. Ethicskin™ arises from the need to broaden the limits of sustainability and ethics in the beauty sector, where biodiversity and environmental conservation go hand in hand with social and economic growth....
Immunity and Beauty
Health and beauty have long worked hand-in-hand, but as COVID-19 continues to create seismic shifts in consumer needs and expectations, the demand for personal care items – topical and ingestible – that de-stress, soothe and protect as part of wider holistic wellbeing is surging. And...
Reduce your repacking needs to boost sustainability and competitiveness
Changing consumer preferences, growing product customization needs as well as sustainability necessity increase the pressure at manufacturing and supply chain levels for brand owners who are looking to manage these additional SKUs while still producing their mass-market products.
Circular beauty - Sustainable sourcing | Green chemistry | Eco-design
What used to be simply 'sustainable' has now shifted to circular. This focus on circularity is forcing every stakeholder in beauty to collaborate, innovate and push the limits on better sourcing, greener chemistry, smarter packaging and savvy retail models. Manufacturers are being encouraged to think...
The Emergence of Inner & Outer Beauty: A Crossover Category of Nutritional Supplements and Topical Beauty Products
As part of this more holistic view of health and beauty, consumers' views on beauty have been evolving beyond the typical skin care and make-up regimens, especially over the past year. Consumers are turning to hygienic topical beauty products in a time of uncertainty, while...
Responsible Makeup with Naturally-Derived Film Former Baycusan® eco E 1001
Join us and discover the new film forming polymer Baycusan® eco E 1001! This naturally-derived ingredient according to ISO 16128 will support you with your next generation of clean & high-performing makeup.
Star product: How cleansing sheets have driven Men's Bioré's consecutive sales growth for a decade
Kao Corporation has revealed that cleansing sheets have been the star product for its Men's Bioré range across the last decade, with sales soaring by 743%.... Read more
Accessibility is key: Aussie online retailer aiming to make more cult fragrance brands easily available for local market
Australia-based online retailer The Profumeria is working to make in-demand but inaccessible niche fragrance brands from Italy more available to its local market.... Read more
Streaming for success: Men's K-beauty brand Tieso betting on live commerce to help penetrate tough Singapore market
South Korean male beauty brand Tieso is turning to live commerce to help it make headway into the difficult Singapore market as the retail environment remains uncertain in the face of COVID-19.... Read more
Beauty packaging manufacturer CPP Global acquired
This month, plastic parts and packaging maker Westfall Technik announced the acquisition of Carolina Precision Plastics. The deal gives Westfall access to prominent cosmetics and personal care companies including L'Oréal, Estée Lauder, and Clorox (which owns Burt's Bees).... Read more
COVID-19 fuels online 'skinbiotics' surge – and big beauty is joining fast
The Estée Lauder Companies join Black Women Talk Tech as event sponsor
Colgate-Palmolive brings hand soap refill tablets to US personal care market
'A big step': The Body Shop believes reuse and refill habit will 'definitely' become mainstream in Singapore
A solid shampoo? Think out of the bottle
who crushes preservative challenges with the power of raspberry?
Seeing is believing
Lumson introduces TAL: the first aluminum airless
FucoLife GR®: to improve self-esteem & reveal feminity!
Sensiva® SC 50 – THE Personal Care multifunctional turns 30
Sequoia cells to limit male skin ageing
Pycnogenol® Offers Dual Mode of Action for Skin
Are you looking for a vegan alternative to animal-based collagen in skincare products?
The Microbiome in the Personal Care Industry
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